Oldham Rescue Seminar

This is an annual seminar run by the Oldham team. It was introduced to stimulate an exchange of ideas throughout mountain rescue and other emergency services.

The team started this event in 1981 when the team recognised their uniquely privileged position, of being able to develop their ideas on rescue techniques and equipment, through their close links with Troll Safety Equipment Limited. The aim was simply to share the ideas.

The weekend seminar now provides an ideal platform from which to demonstrate some of the systems and techniques used in rescue, to stimulate new ideas and encourage continuous improvement.

Originally the course was only open to members of Mountain Rescue Teams both Civilian and Military in England and Wales as well as HM Coastguard Cliff Rescue Companies. However, for the last five years teams from Scotland and both Northern and Southern Ireland have attended. For the past two years the course has also been made available to members of all of the United Kingdoms Statutory Emergency Services (Fire, Police and Ambulance) with places being taken by several police and ambulance services.

HART Services Scotland / Technical Line Rescue Unit continue to send representatives for this much valued seminar.