Lyon Technical Symposium 2008

Attended by Members: HART Services Scotland / Technical Line Rescue Unit.

From Anchor to Harness

  • What are the Safety issues with hoped ladders?
  • What is the first aid management for post harness suspension?
  • What are the limitations on Standards?


Ben Lyon
Opening Remarks and welcome.
Lyon Equipment Ltd.

David Thomas
A day in the life of a Safety Director.
William Hare Ltd.

David Riches
Safety issues with hooped ladders.
Safety Squared.

Chris Cowell
Evolution of access systems in Arboriculture.

David Lummis
Personal Protective Equipment & Passing Off.

Matthieu Richard
Thoughts about masses used for certification and user’s weight.

Tim Fogg
Accessing the natural world with the BBC.
Rope Access Specialists

Dr Anil Adisesh
First Aid management for harness suspension when working at height.
Health & Safety Laboratory

Michael Duxbury
Criminal & civil liability for workplace accidents – A personal view from the bench.

Steve Monks & Richard Hackwell
Physiological Standards.
HM Coastguard

Jonathan Capper
Limitations of Standards.
Lyon Equipment Ltd