Work at Height Regulations

Work @ Height Regulations 2005 – Interpretation

Lyon Equipment Work & Rescue

Members of HART Services Scotland, Technical Line Rescue Unit attend:-
A one day course in the interpretation of the work @ height regulations.

The work at height regulations came into force on  6th April 2005 and continues to have a major impact on all sectors of industry including the emergency services. This theoretical course is intended for anyone who has the responsibility for work at height operations, this may include operations directors and managers, HSE officers, line managers, Industrial rope access supervisors, and emergency services personnel.

The course introduced the work at height regs, interpreted the regs, provided management systems to comply with the regs, and allow discussion on their impact and implementation.
The course also covered topics on the Reasons for the changes in legislation, who the regulations apply to, The Effects of the regulations on existing legislation, and Interpretation of the schedules and examples of application (case studies)
This was a continuous assessment by Lyon staff followed by a written test and certification.

We would like to thank the team at – Lyon Work @ Rescue.