Line Rescue Supervisor

Posted by HART Services

John the Company Director and Team Leader of the Company’s Technical Line Rescue Unit – Qualifies as an I.R.I.A. (International Rescue Instructors Authority)
Line Rescue Supervisor with RIG Systems – a world Leader in Technical Safety & Rescue Training to the Emergency services.

John attended the five day intensive course at Fire & Rescue Services training centre, Plymouth with the Camels head station Specialist Rescue Unit of the Devon & Somerset Fire and Rescue Service and members of the Surrey Fire and Rescue service.

The training (the science of rigging) covered a variety of locations including the fire house, performing team based pick off rescues and stretcher packing for vertical edge transitions using the Arizona vortex tripod and gin pole.

Rope rescue command and control was prevalent during complex confined space rescues in Venn quarry with objectives in mechanical advantage and pulley systems, safe removal of breathing apparatus in silos and vessels, including entrapment, suspension, and carry downs.

Pylons, and towers at Western Power’s training centre presented some challenging rescues involving aid & lead climbing pick off’s and high line systems with a healthy respect for the hazards associated around radio, microwave, and high voltage power lines.

Dewestone is a large rock field, a popular area for sports climbing and rambling, this was the chosen area for moderate to steep slope stretcher packaging, stretcher bridle concepts and field exercises in rescue problem solving, including difficult edge transitions, pike & pivot, and rescues of climbers.

Finishing back at the fire house with a very technically challenging written examination paper. John Greenfield has been deemed proficient to supervise line rescue related incidents.

Many Thanks To Jez Hunter and his team from RIG Systems.