Lyon Technical Symposium 2010

Extreme Locations – Extreme Performance – Attended by Team Members / HART Services Scotland


  • Compatibility of fall arrest harnesses with back mounted equipment, i.e. Breathing Apparatus.
    Lyon Equipment
  • Working at height in confined spaces.
    Hampshire Fire &Rescue
  • Anchor loading and effects of component failure on cableway systems.
    Lyon Equipment
  • Developments in 3-dimensional rigging techniques.
  • Use and misuse of mobile horizontal lifelines.
    Lyon Equipment
  • Demonstration of performer flying.
    Sally-Ann Dod


The Fracture of Metals. Dr Chris Robbins.

Fall protection in wind turbines. Dr Dave Merchant, UVSAR.

Use of PPE for protection against falls from height with user weighing over 100kg. Chris Blakeley, Petzl.

To attach or not to attach, that is the question (Performer Flying & Safety at height Sally-Ann Dod.

A comparison of European and North American Standards for connectors. Fred Hall, DMM.

Developments of new test methods and test dummies For fall arrest testing purposes.Dave Ritches, Safety Squared.

Discrete performance loss, accumulated loss and designing fall protection systems.Treemagineers.

Factors affecting the tensile strength of textile Webbings used in mountaineering. Dr Mark Taylor Performance Clothing Research Group