Boat Type: 7m Avon Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB)
Capacity: 3 crew and 6 passengers with 1 stretcher
Engine: 75hp Yamaha 2 stroke fitted with prop guard
Top speed: knots
Trailer: Road trailer with recovery
  • Open water
  • Inshore Rescue
  • Event safety/marshalling
  • Diver support & safety
Comms: 1 x Waterproof fitted 25 watt ICOM marine DSC radio with extension speaker, 2 x ICOM M71 handheld waterproof marine radios.
Call sign: MAS 1
Accessories: Paddles, Boathook, Anchor, Chain & warp, Grapple hook and drag lines, Distress flares, Rescue throw lines, Horseshoe rescue buoys, Spot lamp, Navigation lights, Towlines. Markus man overboard boat rescue net, Lifejackets, Survivor clothing, Boat tool kit.
Medical: Ferno 71 Basket stretcher, aquaboard,  Ferno heated rescue bag, AED, Oxygen, Suction, Advanced first aid kit with airway management. Survival blankets.
Notes: This type of craft has previously seen service with offshore oil and gas companies. For open water & inshore rescue operations as it provides a steady rescue platform, good directional stability and high manoeuvrability at speed.