HART Services rapid response vehicles carry an extensive array of specialised technical rescue and medical equipment.


Paramedic bag Stat-pak
De-fibrillator & Cardiac Meds
Powered Suction unit

Titan Basket Stretcher
Alpine Lite Stretcher
Sked Stretcher
Scoop Stretcher
K.E.D, Spine Board & hard collars
Vacuum Mattress & splints
Patient monitoring equipment
Medical Gasses

Technical Rescue Unit

1200 meters Semi-static line,
200 meters Dynamic line,
50m alloy caving ladder,
Oz-pod Rescue Frame,
Aerial anchor & rigging equipment,
3:1 & 4:1 Mechanical Advantage kits,
Cableway & Tyrolean equipment,
Rescue pully systems: hauling/lowering
with multi ground anchorage,
Floods & Swift Water Kit/Floating lines,
Battery powered access/rescue tools,
Confined space entry/rescue PPE,
Zone 0 lighting & radios,
Multi-gas detectors

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Equipment and Support

medical equipment

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Remote location pharmaceuticals

HART Services carries equipment from ranging from basic First Aid kits to fully equipped ambulances. We also carry a variety of remote location pharmaceuticals.

first aid equipment

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Stat-Pack Grab Bag Equipment List

paramedic bag

The Paramedic bag is packed based on the most likely dangers in an environment and the injuries it has potential to cause. Equipment is chosen carefully; for its uses, weight and portability. As such we treat no two events the same and will always provide bespoke care dependant on the clients needs.

Download The Paramedic Bag Equipment List (PDF)