Unit Specification
Extreme Weather Shelter This extreme weather shelter has a three-layer thermal system which comprises a 900 Denier Outer Shell, High Loft Insulation and 300 Denier Inner Shell.

(Denier is a measurement of fibre thickness so gives a rough estimate of heat retention and durability. The average human hair is 20 denier)

With its three-layer system it is designed to withstand Arctic conditions. It features:

  • Strong construction, giving it durability and longevity.
  • Wind and thermal resistance, keeping its occupants warm no matter what the environment
  • Condensation control – many such shelters turn into saunas very quickly!
  • Noise reduction and blackout coating for the privacy of patients
  • Portable, easy and quick to put up

This rugged shelter shell has a full thermal black-out interior coating, provides better wear resistance, locks in heat, and significantly reduces overhead condensation. Interior draft skirts and extra-long perimeter skirting to deliver unbelievable insulation, complemented by crack-resistant windows equipped with insulated covers to keep out unwanted drafts or let in light.

Single person portable, pop-up design, erected in seconds, makes an ideal, medical treatment area in the harshest of environments