A recognised method of delivering early clinical intervention to patients suffering from life-threatening medical conditions.
Typically, these vehicles are crewed by a Rescue E M T or Paramedic.
Our Rapid Response Vehicles carry all of the equipment contained within an Emergency Ambulance with job specific rescue equipment, and have been adapted for moving and transporting patients; including use of the Titan Basket Stretcher.

Vehicle Call-sign Bravo Juliet  Specification
Land Rover Defender  Td5 Response Rescue Ambulance/Rescue
VHF/UHF/Fixed & Mobile Radios
GPS/Sat nav,  Recovery Superwinch 16,500 lb.

Wade Protected.

Equipment Carried Full Paramedic Crash Kit, Cardiac Meds

O2, Entonox, Suction Unit, Defib, Vacuum Splints,

Vacuum Full body Splint, Long Board & Collars,

Rope Rescue, Hauling, Rigging & Anchoring.

Floods & Swift Water Rescue Equipment.

Titan Gazelle, Sked, Alpine Lite, Rescue Stretchers.