Work:- includes moving around at a place of work.

A place is at height:- if a person could be injured falling from it, even if it is at or below ground level.

Work at height may expose workers to particularly severe risks to their health and safety, notably the risks of falls, which are a major cause of fatal and serious injuries. If you have people working at height then you could have a potential problem should one of them suffer an accident or be taken ill whilst at height, or in a difficult to reach area.

Edge Protection/Work Restraint:- A work restraint system uses equipment to prevent the user from being able to approach the hazard and therefore no fall can occur. Careful assessment must be carried out to identity all the relevant fall hazards. An effective system will provide an extremely high level of safety.

Work Positioning:- A category of work positioning uses equipment where the user is suspended or positioned in their work position. As the user is then suspended at height, careful selection equipment and adequate training are essential in order to provide an effective solution. Work positioning techniques require an additional safety back-up system. It is quite common for fall arrest techniques to be used. One of the main advantages of work positioning is having your hands free to work. Rope Access is a good example of work positioning.

Fall Arrest:- A fall arrest system is a category of work where a fall, although not intended, is allowed to occur. The system reacts by arresting the fall in a controlled manner, stopping a worker from falling more than a set distance. Careful consideration must be given to ensure the system is suitable for the use it is intended, different systems require different and adequate clearance below the anchor in order to accommodate the potential fall and consideration be given to preventing contact with obstructions during the fall.

Rescue:- An essential part of the risk assessment is the provision of resources for immediate retrieval or rescue, i.e. the Rescue Plan.

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  • Initial audit, assessment of risk and pre-rescue plans, all in  full compliance of  the Working at Height Regulations 2005.
  • Consultancy on selection, limitations of maintenance, care & storage of equipment for: Edge Protection / Work Restraint, Work Positioning, Fall Arrest, and Rescue @ height..
  • Rope Access Technicians able to perform light construction tasks. Including but not limited to: Inspection, Fixtures & Fittings, Cleaning, Painting, Video & Photo surveys.
  • A Practical Inspection and Record keeping service to clients on their Personal Protective Equipment for working at height.
  • Follow up 6 monthly Equipment Inspections.
  • Training:- Please see Courses on Offer.